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  • Oct 22, 2016

Wonderful experience

"From the booking through the incredible experience that is Tim's massage, my appointment was nothing but fantastic. He asked if there were areas needing special attention, or not as the case may be. His directives and touch made for a thoroughly fulfilling experience. Would I do it again? Over and a heartbeat!"

  • Oct 12, 2016


The Ultimate !

"Went to Tim not knowing what to expect but came away feeling like he sensed where I needed the most attention. I felt he knew exactly what needed to be done and addressed those needs completely! Thoroughly satisfied!"

  • Oct 10, 2016

Todd Key

Absolutely thorough in every aspect, The Best!

"As an athlete that travels around the world racing for Team USA, I've had treatment from many different therapists. Tim as proven to be at the very top of his profession, and someone that I use exclusively when I'm in Arizona!"

  • Oct 5, 2016

John T

Integrated approach

"The level of care Tim provides is always inclusive of my physical, mental and emotional states. I am truly grateful for his holistic approach in supporting my wellbeing. "

  • Aug 18, 2016

John Thomas


"The level of care Mr. Faiman provided met not only my anatomical needs, but psychological as well. A most insightful therapist...truly exceptional. Many thanks."

  • Aug 4, 2016


With gratitude

"My inaugural office visit w/ Mr. Faiman totally exceeded my expectations. From the information rich consultation, to the healing, deep tissue manipulation, he addressed my every concern. I look forward to my follow up sessions. Many thanks to you, sir. You are a professional and a true gentleman."

  • July 22, 2016

Donald F

Thanks again Tim :-)

"Tim always makes me feel special. I'm overweight, mid 50's and have trouble with my neck. Tim does not judge me, he treats me with respect and give me a great massage. I always feel better after a session with him. Thank you Tim, you really are the greatest part of my day when I'm with you. "

  • July 13, 2016

Art Schneider


"Had some problems with lower back and neck area. Very tight and sore. Worked on those areas and felt much better when finished. Always feel very relaxed during massage. Would highly recommend Tim "

  • June 20, 2016

Art Schneider

Wonderful Experience

"I have been seeing Tim every two weeks for sometime now. My flexibilty has improved quite a bit and the areas of the neck and back have improved. I always feel great when I leave. The setting in his studio is very relaxing. I have drifted off many times. I would highly recommend Tim."

  • Tom W.- October 23, 2016

Deep Tissue Massage - Get the best massage ever.

"Tim provides a thorough massage experience from head to toe. I was completely relaxed and refreshed afterward. Just simply wonderful."

  • Larry R. - October 11, 2016

Deep Tissue Massage - Over The Top

"Tim exceed any preconceived expectation; worked diligently to "work out the kinks" and I left feeling rejuvenated and totally refreshed. Amazing work by gifted hands! Will schedule next visit soon!!"

  • Mike C. - September 23, 2016

Deep Tissue Massage - Great Body Worker

"He does a wonderful job. One of the best massages I have ever had. Will be back and would recommend."

  • Grieg S. - March 22, 2016

Structural Integration Massage

"Tim was fantastic! - extremely knowledgable and very in tune with the desired objective. I'll be going back for sure!"

  • Mick W. - March 21, 2016

Deep Tissue Massage

"Timothy is helping me so much, Im going back again and again. My stiff neck is only a memory now and I feel much, much better. He really knows his stuff and does a great job. Highly recommended."

  • Jeff B. - January 20, 2016

Deep Tissue Massage

"Tim listened well, paying extra attention to my problem areas. Very satisfied."

  • Todd K. - October 29, 2016

Deep Tissue Massage

"Tim was outstanding! As a Paralympic athlete, I've had many different types of massage and deep tissue work. Tims abilities are among the best that I've come across. I will be continuing with him at every opportunity, and would definitely recommend him to everyone in the future."

  • Megan M. - June 30, 2015

Sports Massage Therapist

"I have now seen Tim two times for a rotator cuff injury. I have seen a huge improvement in my shoulder. I already have back the majority of my range of motion and most of the pain has dissipated. He is very skilled and his expertise in sports injury massage is incredible! I will be a life long patient!"

  • Nathan L. - June 11, 2015

Deep Tissue Massage

"Timothy was great! Perfect balance of deep work and relaxation. My lower back and hips are looser and helped take off the stress of working out and travel.

  • Paul L. - May 16, 2015

Deep Tissue Massage

"I was referred to Timothy Faiman by my Naturopathic physician. It was an excellent choice. I was impressed with Tim's knowledge and treatment. I'll be going back, as will my wife."

  • Jo L. - May 5, 2015

Relaxation Massage

"Very talented and very professional massage. Terrific intuitive body work."

  • Ron R. - May 5, 2015

Deep Tissue Massage

"Tim is the best massage therapist that I've ever visited. I've struggled with a shoulder problem for years, and over a couple month, his work brought great relief, not only to my shoulder, but my lower back/hips as well. I wish he would move to Spokane, so I could visit him again."

  • Steve M. - May 4, 2015

Deep Tissue Massage

"Tim is wonderful! I went to see him regularly in Rapid City. I have recently moved to the Seattle area and have not found anyone like Tim. He can find troublesome areas without even telling him. Now days so many people have become massage therapists but don't have the talent that Tim has. I recommend him to everyone. Just wish he lived in Seattle."

  • Art S. - May 4, 2015

Deep Tissue Massage

"I have been going to Tim for my massages for sometime now. I was having trouble with soreness and stiffness in different parts of my body. He has done a wonderful job helping to remove the problems I was having.I had the massages done at his studio and they lasted one hour.
Work done was very professional and was always done on time. Massage is done in a very relaxing atmosphere. The quality of massage is outstanding. I continue to see Tim for my massage every two weeks..I strongly recommend Tim if you are in need of a massage.

  • Dan C. - May 4, 2015

Deep Tissue Massage

"Used Tim's service twice now, and have totally pleased with his service. 90 min. of total relaxation. Wish it could last a lot longer. But vary satisfying from toes to head. Will use his service again. Thanks Tim"

  • Jim G. - March 30, 2015


  • "Excellent intuitive movement, honed right in to my areas of discomfort, super structurally impacting, I say straighter especially my shoulders and chest. Excellent work, already scheduled spot 2!".
  • "I was stuck on detoxifying my body.  I contacted Tim and set-up a FREE consultation and decided I would try Lypossage to start things back up.  I lost 8.5" doing Zone 1, and now I am feeling great! Lisa P, SD
  • "An artist of the body!" Roy, NY
  • "I have been coming to Tim for various concerns.  Everytime I see him, I learn something new about my body.  His genuine concern for my well-being and knowledge, along with his gentle guidance, is refreshing.  I would recommend his services to anyone in pain!"  Marianne, B SD
  • "Incredible experience!" Greg, CO
  • "My body is in pretty good shape, but I just couldn't get my stomach where I wanted it.  Lypossage, along wit Tim's muscle toning advice, headed me in the right direction.  Lost over 14" with Zone 1, and now feeling and looking great!"  Theresa D, SD
  • "The best I've ever had - can't explain how great my experience was!"  John, NY
  • "Tim's therapy has helped in too many ways to mention here.  His energy and touch allow me to get in touch with my body, both physically and spiritually.  His knowledge of the body is nothing short of amazing, guiding me toward a better quality of life!"  John B, SD
  • "I've had many massages in 30 yrs, but this experience was the best...WOW!"  Don, MA
  • "What can I say??  WOW...AMAZING!"  Gary, AZ
  • "A natural healer!"  Jan, CA
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