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Investing in massage, is an investment in your health.

 Relaxation/Bliss Retreat

Imagine an hour of escape, having your body gently caressed, easing away the tensions and stresses of life.  Relax in a quiet, softly lit, blissful space, with relaxing music and aromas taking you away, if only for a little time.

 ** Towel or sheet available for draping **


Orthopedic/Medical Massage  

This therapy and treatment work, can dramatically help or eliminate many different conditions (though it can not help everything)  I restructure the soft tissue of your body to help organize it better, and in the process we heal injuries and relieve pain.

** Please bring or wear gym shorts and sports bra (if applicable), to your Orthopedic/Medical Massage appointment.  Additional draping may or may not be used

Arthrossage - Medical Massage for Arthritis

Arthritis, which means joint inflammation, is an umbrella term for over 100 different conditions. While there is no cure for arthritis, there are different methods to help ease the pain and slow down its progression. 

Arthritis strikes all ages, gender and activity levels.  Young, elderly and professional athletes are often left with chronic pain, limited function, and a compromised quality of life.  Arthrossage is a combination of eastern and western massage techniques used to help ease the discomfort and degeneration of various types of arthritis.  These techniques, are gentle, yet effective in providing treatment to relieve pain and restore function for those suffering with arthritis.


Session Rates

$60 - 60 Min - Swedish/Medical/Orthopedic

$90 - 90 Min - Swedish/Medical/Orthopedic

$120 - 120 Min - Swedish/Medical/Orthopedic

* Discounted rates available:

     -  6 Pack Service Contract - good for 3 months from purchase date

     -  "Frequent Flyer" (ask for details)

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