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Advanced Integrative Myo-Skeletal Massage Therapies
Services and Rates

Investing in massage, is an investment in your health.

Individualized Therapy Appointment

Therapy and treatment work, tailored to your specific concerns and requests.  

Techniques, are gentle, yet effective, in providing treatment to relieve pain and restore function.

Utilize various skills and equipment to achieve maximum results!

 ** Towel or sheet available for draping **

Session Rates

$30 - 30 Min - Medical/Orthopedic/Deep Tissue

$60 - 60 Min - Swedish/Medical/Orthopedic/Sports/Deep Tissue

$90 - 90 Min - Swedish/Medical/Orthopedic/Sports/Deep Tissue

$120 - 120 Min - Swedish/Medical/Orthopedic/Sports/Deep Tissue

* Schedule more frequently, and receive additional discount: (Studio location only)

  •      - Weekly Appointment: Discount - $20.00
  •      - Bi-Monthly Appointment: Discount - $10.00

* Additional Discounted Rates: (Studio location only)

  •      - Initial Consultation Session - $20 discount
  •      - Birthday Month - $20 discount


Traditional Thai Massage

The Thai Massage form of body therapy includes therapeutic stretching, joint mobilization, rhythmic deep-tissue compression, toning of energy lines, acupressure, assisted hatha yoga poses, mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation. Due to the unique form of stretching employed, Thai Massage is sometimes called “lazy man’s Yoga.” The practitioner is able to direct the intensity of the stretching and pressure points for a much deeper result than one practicing yoga on their own would be able to achieve. Movements are flowing and harmonious, creating a deeply soothing yet energizing effect for both giver and receiver. It involves peripheral stimulation, acting as an external stimulant to produce specific, internal effects. The effective use of the practitioner’s body weight is instrumental in the practice. With the exception of the feet, the client remains fully clothed.

Session Rate

$90 - 90 Min - Traditional Thai Massage


Infrared Sauna Sessions


$30 - 30 Min (Sauna only)

$20- 30 Min (Scheduled in conjunction with Therapy Session


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